Greepi International is a leading tourism consulting group,formed by Beijing Greepi Tourism & Culture Consulting Group, Shenzhen Greepark Theme Design Agency and Australia Greepi International Tourism Consulting PTY LTD.

Based upon China mainland and Australia, Greepi International integrates global resources, offers tourism and culture development consulting services for Asia and Oceania areas, it is the pioneer of internationalization among tourism consulting companies in China.

Our services focus on tourism development planning, tourism real-estate planning and design, tourism destination development & operation, tourism architecture & theme landscape design & construction,
tourism branding and marketing,Online to offline tourism education and training, and organizing of international tourism conferences and exhibitions.

With 20 years developing, Greepi has becoming an international tourism consulting company with offices in China (Beijing,Shenzhen,Chengdu,Shanghai) and Australia,provided services to more than 800 local governments & enterprises successfully.We attribute our success to our commit to “Innovations for Practical Solutions”.

In recent years, based on the rich experiences of Beijing Greepi and Shenzhen Greepark, Greepi International successfully introduced tourism investors to Southeast Asia countries, and by cooperating with international tourism consulting experts,now Greepi international is engaged into tourism planning in Singapore, Laos, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Meanwhile we hosted several international tourism forum and conferences successfully, such as “International sustainable tourism” and “Chinese vs. European ‘Zero Energy Society & Elderly Care and welfare’ Speech and Panel Discussion.

During the past years, we found one of the main constraints for Chinese tourism development, is the poor communications and low efficiency between investors and resources. So we set up Greepi Tourism Investment Club, continually co-organize the International Culture & Tourism Investment Conference, focus on Symmetry matching of resources and capital to achieve the successful cooperation. 

In tourism marketing and operation management, we cooperated with other excellent international tourism consulting companies in Australia, USA, Europe, integrated and improved the excellent experience of successful international tourism projects, to supply tourism marketing and management consulting worldwide.

Based on our international team and rich experiences, we will provide more practical and advanced services.

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